Horizon AM Innovates with a New Hotel Real Estate Investment Fund

Horizon Asset Management (Horizon AM) has recently unveiled its innovative investment vehicle, the Horizon Urban Detention fund, which specifically targets the burgeoning hotel real estate sector. This move is set to provide savvy investors with a unique opportunity to tap into a thriving market, leveraging a growth-oriented strategy.

A Fresh Approach to Hotel Real Estate

Horizon AM's strategic launch of the Horizon Urban Detention fund is a direct response to the evolving economic landscape. The fund introduces a "Built to Rent" strategy that aims to enhance the value of real estate assets while mitigating the impact of economic fluctuations. This approach involves the design and development of custom real estate solutions tailored to meet the long-term rental market's demands.

Staying Informed with TH

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A Strategic Investment Opportunity

The Horizon Urban Detention fund focuses on the acquisition, retention, management, and eventual sale of hotel properties. This investment strategy aligns with current market trends and growth opportunities, providing portfolio diversification for investors interested in the hotel sector.

Key Partnerships for Project Development

Horizon Urban Detention is set to finance two significant projects in partnership with Groupe City and B&B Hotels, a brand well-established in the budget hotel segment. The synergy between B&B Hotels' operational expertise and Groupe City's real estate development skills offers promising returns and growth prospects in dynamic sectors.

Investment Spotlight: B&B Toulon La Garde

Located at 683 chemin de la Planquette in La Garde, the B&B Toulon La Garde project boasts a strategic position near the vibrant economic hub of Toulon. The site's "L" shape and diverse functionality present a lucrative opportunity for investors targeting growth in a booming real estate market.

Investment Spotlight: B&B Hotel Arras Centre Artois Expo

Situated at 11 and 13 rue des Rosati, the B&B Hotel Arras Centre Artois Expo enjoys a central location within a multi-purpose real estate complex exceeding 10,000 square meters. The hotel, nestled in the historic city of Arras, offers more than just overnight stays, combining heritage with profitability in a high-visibility area with growing accommodation demand.

Horizon AM's Commitment to Stable Returns

Mehdi Gaiji, the President of Horizon AM, highlights B&B Hotels' reputation for efficiently managing budget hotels, which assures simplified operations and stable yields for investors. The "Built to Rent" strategy allows investors to take advantage of long-term capital appreciation potential.

About Horizon AM

Regulated by the French Financial Markets Authority with registration number GP-16000018, Horizon AM has been creating and managing investment funds for private and institutional investors since 2026. Specializing in residential real estate market segments, the firm focuses on value creation through funding various real estate development, rehabilitation, and transformation projects.